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Where it all began..
Having spent several years in rental properties before we were ready to take a leap onto the homeowners ladder we had A LOT of time to find out exactly what we did not want in a home, learning exactly what does not work, what makes life more difficult in your daily habits due to your surroundings, the elements that bring them together and the ultimate lesson that less spent is definitely not always more.

We learned along the way the more a landlord would cut back on essential things and the more they cut corners the more expensive, time consuming and painful it would be for both the landlord and the tenant living though ongoing upheaval, all of the little things you may not think about are highlighted when you are paying surplus to live in a property and things are not working as they should, when we finally made the leap onto the homeowners ladder we decided we had to do it right we realised an initial investment into all of the major elements of the home will pay us back ten fold over the years, cutting corners was not an option we knew we had to scrimp and save and work as hard as we could to get this right the first time around and inturn we would be able to focus on the important things in life moving forward like our careers, family and achieving our goals instead of spending all of our time placing band aids on broken things around the home.

As you will see below thats exactly what we did we renovated the perfect family home tailored exactly to our needs, our home is the heart of our family and thats the only way it should be.


meaning: construct (something) by putting parts or material together… and thats exactly what we do. If you plan to build from the ground up, renovate a shell, renew a tired space or create more space in your home or garden you are in the right place, tell us what you want and we will show you how. We have team of experienced professionals to be able to build your dream from start to finish at the highest standard.

Let Alexander Bradshaw handle all of your building needs and we promise to deliver a service beyond your expectations and produce a finished product that you will love for years to come.

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What is interior design? It is taking a space and personalising it to you, making it aesthetically pleasing and functioning at the same time,

What Types of Styles might suit me?
~ Modern ~ Contemporary ~ Scandinavian~ Traditional ~ Mid Century Modern ~Bohemian ~ Industrial ~ Minimalist ~ Transitional ~ the sky is the limit whatever your style may be we are readily available to offer our advice and skills to create the perfect space for you.

Using elements such as Space ,light, colour, tone, texture and pattern we will design your space individual to you to reflect your personality and lifestyle exactly as it needs to be.

With a range of services available from virtual design with a detailed mood board and a shopping list to full interior design from the initial consultation all the way to leaving your home as it is and returning to a full transformation, no request is too big or too small we will not only find you the solutions you need we will deliver them in the most aesthetically complimenting form to ensure you truly love your home.

What to Expect

• Initial consultation to discuss your requirements, take basic measurements and information for quotation.
• Official quotation is sent to customer outlining what is included.
• Upon acceptance of quotation we will arrange a second appointment with builder present.
• Visit from architect to carry out a full survey.
• Zoom Call and screen share with Architect to see structural designs and agree specifics.
• Planning permission submission to local authority.
• Planning permission is granted.
• Schedule of work supplied to customer with projected timeline and payment structure.
• Work commencement.
• Completion of job.
• Snagging.
• Review of completed work, change to discuss any of the work carried out to sign off job.

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